Frequently Asked Questions




What time should I start the party?

1.5 hour party 

I prefer the children to arrive the same time as me. 

1 hour party

invite the children 30 minutes before. 


I have found all guests arrive within 15 minutes. I prefer to set the tone of the party, it helps me keep them calm and stop them running round!!


How long should i make the party?

2 hours 

If it is a 1.5 hour party 10.00-12.00pm (I leave at 11.30am then you serve party food)

For a 1 hour party 10.00-12.00pm I will come 10.30-11.30am

I always recommend putting a start and end time on the invitation. People can stay longer if you want them too, but if it is a rainy day, best to have the option to end the party!!


Who is included in the 15 children and 16-22 children?

I include the birthday child and their siblings and any children who want a facepaint, balloon animal and pass the parcel present. I generally suggest anyone over the age of 3 years. I also find children over 9-10 don't usually want their face painted etc.

All children are included in the games, story and Magic show


Why is the an extra cost for over 16 children?

This is because I pre make the balloons at home so I have time to face paint all the children. 


Special needs or requests

If your child is really shy, or really wants to do a specific trick with me please let me know :) Any allergies/food allergies. 


What if I want 25+children to come?

There will be an additonal $25 charge. If you don't want face painting or balloon animals we can work out the best solution for the party. I can do super quick face paints. Alternatively we can play games instead.


Do you travel out of Christchurch?

For the next few months I am just doing parties in Christchurch. 

I will travel out of Christchurch on weekdays of school holidays and on Friday after school parties. 


What are the party times?




I also do parties in the evening. 


Do you provide the Pass the Parcel?

Yes, I provide the 'Pass the parcel' I now use a treasure box which the children pass around. It is a great new option as the children can choose their own wee present. I have over 15 different options in the box i.e bubbles, stickers, race car, stick on earrings, magic wand, unicorn ring....


When do I pay?

I require a deposit to confirm your booking. Final online payment is due the Friday before your party. Ie party is on Saturday 11th July, payment is due Friday 10th July. I only accept online payment please. 


What do I need to provide?

I bring everything I need. 

Please reserve me a car park in your driveway and please put balloons on your mailbox and especially down a long driveway 

Securely tie up dog in Garage or bedroom. (as my rabbit is getting old and can get a fright, even from quiet dogs)

A laundry basket is great to put presents in after the spin the bottle game


What are the terms for deposit?

I will return your deposit if you cancel within 21 days of your party.




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